Writers & Pieces

The Spring English Conference 2021's panels

will feature the following DePaul student writers. 

Panel 02



  • The Believer (Poem)

      by Caitlin Costello

  • The Smallest Things (Creative NF)

      by Caitlin Costello

  • Given the Finger, Lend a Hand (Creative NF)

      by Chris Carlozo

  • Are You Listening (NF/Editorial)

      by Danielle Ratliff/Moore

  • Disassembly (Collaborative Poem)

      by Caley Koch

  • Mary Hoin Was a Friend of Mine (Micro-Fiction)

      by Connor Lindsey

  • Wednesday Therapy (Poem)

      by Emma Ludman

The narrative craft of perspective is a way for readers and writers to step into points of view that most accurately and fully tell the story at hand. When choosing a narrative voice and POV, writers are shaping the reader’s vantage point of the story and how they will experience the text, as the structure (or breaking of traditional narrative structures) can help create depth, empathy, and complexity. This panel will look at narrative choices like breaking the fourth wall and the influence of other voices and writers while paying attention to their effects on the overall piece.

Panel 01


The situation, time, context, and very place of living (whether in the present or remembered and imagined) makes its way into our writing. How do we write about what we’re living in? In a pandemic? In Chicago? In tension and strives for peace? Etc. This panel will look at the importance of setting and how to capture and handle the depth and feeling of place.


  • Fall, Twice (Poem)

      by Caitlin Costello

  • Mosaic (Narrative Piece/NF)

      by Amanda Matthews

  • Atlanta, CA (Micro Creative NF)

      by Connor Lindsey

  • Geysers (Micro CreativeNF)

      by Connor Lindsey

  • Chicago Dive Bar (Essay)

      by Rachel Lastos

Faculty Chair:

Barrie Jean Borich

Faculty Chair:

Rebecca Johns Trissler

Panel 03


We have and are going through and are going to go through hard things. We write about them and we are all learning to listen. The past year has taught us we cannot ignore these hard things in and around us, ranging from beauty standards to domestic abuse to systemic racial injustice. This panel gives space to discuss the writing of hard things and what we are persisting in and for.

Faculty Chair:

Francesca Royster


  • Deadbolt (Poem) 

      by Emma Ludman

  • Ode to Claire (Poem)

      by Jacqueline Pennie

  • Hunger (Poem)

      by Jacqueline Pennie

  • A Time of Justice (Essay)

      by Corinne Witt

  • Fruits of Whoring (Creative NF)

      by Anna Hyslop

  • Beauty, Another Ism (Essay)

      by Temitope Odedoyin

  • Love Every Minute (Essay)

      by Rachel Lastos

  • Mi Prima (Creative NF)

      by Alexia Dukes